Earned the prestigious Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics rating by the FAA.

Established Zaner Aviation for engineering, design, maintenance and test flying of experimental and prototype aircraft.

Established the RightStuffVR Consortium comprised of selected organizations and individuals with specific talents and capabilities to support a common goal.

About us
Product research & development, Design, Test and Production.
Regulatory and Policy consulting to the FAA and academia.
Writing and public speaking in support of aviation.


John Zaner, a career Computer Systems Engineer for the Department of Defense working at the cutting edge of computer technology for 43 years. He has extensive experience in software design, computer architecture, and communications technology. He is continuing to research new ideas in aviation, photography, and computer technology.

John is an FAA licensed Pilot and A&P (Airframe and Power plant) Mechanic. His experience includes all types of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. He has restored and flown numerous aircraft and built his own aerobatic biplane. He is a certified test pilot for experimental and prototype aircraft and has flown seaplanes and sailplanes. He is the owner of the aviation based Zaner Aviation, LLC which he founded in 1975. 

John has been a photographer since 1962 and has extensive experience in digital photography and videography. He has also taught photography and is currently involved in modifying digital cameras to take amazing aerial photographs from Unmanned Aircraft. These modifications often require the programming of micro-computers to alter the internal operation of the digital cameras. John currently resides in Ocala Florida with Judy, his lovely wife of 50 years. They have four children, thirteen grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Custom Service
We  provide complete photographic service including aerial stills, video, and panoramic. Ground  interior and exterior stills, panoramic, and video.   We customize the service to meet your needs. We also provide complete post processing services including photographic and video editing, titling, and DVD, CD, and Web ready images. Look at samples of our work in results.
Customer satisfaction is our goal. We will go the distance to ensure you are satisfied with the results. We have a proven track record of accomplishments and the valuable experience to meet your needs.


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