One year Training and Development contract with Polk County Sheriff Dept. Small SUAS for drug interdiction.

Support to graduate level cooperative UAV Program at  Embry-Riddle Air University. Engineering, airframe, and flight test support for Infra-red based control and tracking system.

Current Equipment
The current fleet is pictured here.
The current workhorse of the business is the reliable SS-Hummer.
The Aspire has served well as a video plane for over three years.
Our midsized helicopter is ideal for those hard to reach places.


1)  In pre-production development is the  fixed wing  Mantiss V1 pictured above. This prototype was developed in support of an Army Research Laboratory requirement.

2) We have several  fuel and electric rotary wing projects in various stages of development. These are bases on the reliable Corona, Swift, Logo, and Raptor airframes.

3) Prototype development is progressing well on the Quest 1 which is a medium range fixed wing hybrid design capable of carrying a high definition video camera with a 360 degree field of view.


1) We have in production several rigid, auto-control, and remote control sensor mounts for fixed and rotary wing platforms. These mounts have proven to be very rugged and reliable.

2) Engineering development is complete on a head-tracking cockpit mounted video camera which will provide "fully immersive" piloting and camera control for both digital still photography and videography.

3) Prototype development is well under way on a 360 degree field of view still camera system which will function well while mounted on a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. The system will be capable of producing up to 55 images of 10 mega pixels each per flight.

We  provide complete  engineering design, development, and test services for unique aerial platform and photographic applications. Call us to discuss your special needs.
Customer satisfaction is our goal. We will go the distance to ensure you are satisfied with the results. We have a proven track record of results and the experience to back it up. Call us to discuss your unique requirements.


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