Presented a briefing to HQ FAA on the need to distinguish between regular UAVs and Small UAVs. Worked with HQ FAA thru 2009 to define regulatory requirements for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in US  National Airspace System.

Entered competition with Army Research Lab for Small UAV support to 25th Infantry Division in Iraq.

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Many of us are familiar with the term "unmanned Aerial Vehicle" or UAV due to their extensive use by the military in recent years. The most recognized military UAV is the Predator which is almost the size of modern light manned aircraft.

However, there is another class of UAV which is emerging and, in terms of numbers and diversity of application, will far exceed the Predator class of aircraft. This new class is the Small UAV or SUAV. This class is comprised of fixed and rotary winged aircraft in the 1 to 25 pound weight range and they are finding their way into almost every aspect of aerial applications.

What we know Small UAVs do well:
bullet Aerial Photography
bullet Aerial Videography
bullet Agricultural applications
bullet Structural inspections
bullet Covert surveillance
bullet Search and rescue
bullet Entertainment
bullet Air sampling

There will be many other uses for small UAVs which we have not discovered yet or are simply beyond the capabilities of the current technology. However, that technology is expanding at an ever increasing rate. Two of the earliest applications of the Small UAV technology are what this business is about; aerial photography and videography.

Be prepared to be Amazed!

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We  provide complete photographic service including aerial stills, video, and panoramic. Ground  interior and exterior stills, panoramic, and video.   We customize the service to meet your needs. We also provide complete post processing services including photographic and video editing, titling, and DVD, CD, and Web ready images. Look at samples of our work in results.
Customer satisfaction is our goal. We will go the distance to ensure you are satisfied with the results. We have a proven track record of accomplishments and the valuable experience to meet your needs.


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