Micro-Aircraft Commercial Operators Association (MACO)  

President: John A Zaner                                                                                                       Established: 1 Mar 2005

The Power of Professionals:

MACO puts a powerful team to work for members every day. (Available to members who have registered to use the members-only portion of this Web site.)

MACO Mission

The Micro Aircraft Commercial Operators Association (MACO) is a  membership association effectively serving the interests and needs of its members as owners, operators, pilots, and crew of Commercial Micro-Aircraft. MACO establishes, maintains, and articulates positions of leadership to promote the safety, economy, utility, and popularity of commercial flight with Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS).

Regulatory and Certification Policy:
MACO management, technical, and operations specialists provide member support and representation before the Federal Aviation Administration and other federal agencies on matters affecting aircrew and aircraft registration, aircraft and ground support maintenance, flight operations, and regulatory guidance. Here are briefs on some of the active issues with links to associated MACO activities. 


MACO Resources

Volunteer efforts are an important factor in wider public acceptance of unmanned aviation. MACO members are becoming leaders in the effort to broaden public understanding. Along the way, they are also introducing non-pilots to the enjoyment of flight and inspire many to learn to fly.

To help pilots who would like to spread the good word about Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS), MACO is creating brochures, pamphlets, and fact sheets that are available in reasonable quantities.

MACO members provide hands-on experience in unmanned aviation through shows, demonstrations, and introductory lessons with dual-controlled micro-aircraft.

The MACO Guide to Learning to fly Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) provides a non-technical overview of what's involved in SUAS.

Facts, Statistics, and Glossaries

What are Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems? Reveals the breadth of small unmanned aviation, from personal, recreational, law enforcement, agricultural application, and much more.

Aviation Fact Sheets
Extensive treatment of SUAS facts and figures, designed for permanent file use. A good item to present to journalists who cover aviation events.

Micro Aviation Statistics
Facts on pilot certification, airports, aircraft, activity, and flight safety.

Dictionary of Micro Unmanned Aviation The acronyms and jargon that characterize everyday "micro-aviation-speak" not only bewilder the uninitiated, they can create a psychological barrier between micro-aviation and the community. This dictionary can help bridge the gap.

Write a letter, defend Micro Unmanned Aviation
Erroneous news stories, out-of-context quotations, and unfounded negative judgments can prejudice the public mind against general aviation. But such bias can be countered if members take the time to correct the misconceptions.

Micro Unmanned Aviation Is Vital to Your State - A fact-filled brochure that provides numerous "I never thought about that" insights on micro unmanned aviation contributions to the local economy.

Plant the Seed Early
If SUAS are to take their rightful place as an accepted form of commercial aviation, we must draw more people into flying. While many young people may not be able to afford flying immediately, stirring early interest in aviation will pay dividends in future student starts

MACO Priority Issues

FAA New Proposed Rule Making (NPRM)

Aircrew training

Operations Safety

Access to Airspace

Special Use Airspace

Delivery of FAA Services

Affordability of SUAS

Costs of business insurance

MACO Progress Reports

Support of FAA NPRM: MACO Newsletter 05 Apr 05

Aircrew training:

Operations Safety:

Access to Airspace:

Special Use Airspace:

Delivery of FAA Services:

Affordability of Micro Aircraft:

Costs of business services insurance


MACO Flight Security Initiative:

By their very nature, SUAS are quite easy to conceal until the moment of launch. Neighbors know neighbors, and everyone does their part to ensure the security of their home and community.

That is precisely why MACO is working to create informational and educational literature to inform the general public about SUAS operations to ensure the highest degree of security in our cities and neighborhoods. This is a great example of how pilots, the government, and the private sector can work together to create a more informed, and secure, society.

Who is John Zaner?
Learn more about the man who founded MACO.