Actual Results

  These are still photos are taken from actual assignments over the past three and one half years.

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Word of Faith Church: Commissioned to take construction photos of an addition to the church. Two 10 minute flights were made that afternoon producing in 47 photos. The customer had the images processed and in his possession 15 minutes later. 6 January 2003

Shalom Park: Built as a living memorial to a family patriarch, this park is a beautiful and tranquil setting devoid of mechanical contrivances where one can meditate and enjoy the beauty. 7 November 2004.

Inglis Lock: Inglis Lock was constructed as part of the ill fated Trans-Florida Barge Canal during the 1960ís. The canal was started and made it from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Russo before the project was dropped. 23 January 2004.

Bubba's: This is one that I particularly enjoyed. It is Bubba's Fish and Fin Social Club on the shore of Lake Russo shown in the previous (Inglis Lock) series. Bubba's is quite an operation and I enjoyed my afternoon with the folks here. 28 September 2005.

Eagle Point Country Club: Located in Oak Run Country Club Estates, Eagle Point Country Club boasts one of the most beautiful golf facilities in North Central Florida.

Countryside Medical Park: Our first progress contract which included eight key points in the construction process where aerial photo were to be taken. The contract period extended from 24 July 2004 to 20 June 2005.



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