Zaner Aviation, LLC  

Aerial Photography Agreement                                                                                                          01 July 2006


All flights conducted by Zaner Aviation, LLC will be in strict accordance with current FAA regulatory and policy guidance. There must be an unobstructed area from which to conduct safe flight. A safe distance from persons, vessels, vehicles and structures will be maintained at all times. Flights will only be conducted in suitable weather and with regard for other conditions such as local restrictions. All flights will be conducted with due consideration for the safety of people and property.  Zaner Aviation, LLC is a fully insured company incorporated in the state of Florida.

All digital images and videos shall remain the property of Zaner Aviation, LLC.                    A permanent license to use the photographs and to reproduce them is granted to the purchaser. A license to use any and all photographs, images, or videos obtained from Zaner Aviation, LLC shall not be given, sold, or bartered to any other individuals or agencies. Exclusive rights to any or all photographs resulting from a shoot are available for a pre-negotiated price.


One half of the agreed price is payable in advance. The remaining half is expected promptly upon delivery of the product. Commercial enterprises may render payment at the end of the month in which the invoice is issued if required by normal accounts payable procedures.


Zaner Aviation, LLC is granted permission to enter onto and fly over the subject property or activity and shall remain free from liability for personal or property damage provided due caution is exercised and reasonable safety procedures are followed.


I accept the terms and conditions of this agreement and hereby request Zaner Aviation, LLC to perform a Residential/Commercial shoot of my property located at:


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