Actual Results

  These are videos (DVDs) taken from actual assignments over the past three and one half years.

  Click on the picture to see the video or right click and "save as" to download it.

JB Ranch Video Tour: We were commissioned by the Highway Planning Committee for our county to make a presentation of a proposed new road so they could determine the impact on surrounding neighborhoods. We presented our results at a public meeting of the committee and included satellite photographs, maps, aerial still photographs and this video tour of the proposed route. It was very well received. This clip is complete and unedited just as it came from the camera. We have only added music. 12 March 2005.  (45MB)

This video was produced at the Tri-County Radio Control Club which is a controlled environment fir testing new equipment. This particular test was a new camera system on a proven aircraft. The gentleman standing by me and waving is my good friend Walter who is 93 years young and still actively flying Small UAV.  9 July 2006. (30MB)

This video was shot with the Mantiss V1 as part of the demonstration for the Army Weapons Laboratory contractors who flew down to my place to see the aircraft perform in a tactical urban environment. I flew the demonstration from my driveway. 18 October 2005. (21.5MB)

A video of selected commercial aerial photographs taken over the past three years. The actual photographs are much sharper than on the video. This presentation is to demonstrate the range of photographic requirements  we can effectively accomplish. (42MB)

This is an executable program which shows the potential for a three dimensional gallery of your images on your computer. Right click and "save as" to download  the file then install the  program to run the tour. The tour will begin and run automatically or you can press the F1 key after it starts to control the tour with your mouse. Left click on the picture and hold then move the mouse in the direction you want to go. There is no spam or virus associated with this download. (65.5MB)

A promotional video for Zaner Aviation, LLC. A brief description of the production side of the company and the range of capabilities. (90MB)



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