SS Hummer

 This was the configuration of the Slow Stick when I started over four years ago. It had the original GWS Brushed motor installed and was set up for an Aiptek Mini Pencam. This aircraft is still in service but has undergone several upgrades in installed equipment.  The following photographs show the aircraft after four years of commercial use.

These photographs clearly show just how rugged a stock Slow Stick wing really is. These wings have been field repaired many times with 5 minute epoxy and pieces of egg carton. They are still quite serviceable and will continue in service for some time to come. I have always used just two number 64 rubber bands linked together and put one of these on each side of the stock wing mount. I have never had a wing come off in some pretty rugged flying. Inspect the rubber bands often and replace them when they show signs of wear.

I have been using the same Slow Sticks for over four years now and, as you can see from the photos, they are quite stock. I started out using the stock brushed motors with 7 cell Nimh batteries. They were not up to the task so I switched to Mega Motors ACn 16/7/7 brushless in-runners with the Mega Motors micro gearbox and a 2.8-1 ratio. I was then using 8 cell 850mah NiMh packs. I used GWS 10/4.7 props on the brushed motors and use APC 10/4.7 Slow Flyer props on all the brushless.

I ran the Mega Motors for three years and finally wore them out so I upgraded to AXI 2808/24 Brushless Outrunners about six months ago. I mount the AXI motors on Askman mounts to raise them up a bit. I am quite happy with the AXI motors although they are not quite as efficient as the Mega Motors were. I have used Castle Creatons Phoenix 25 ESCs for both types of brushless motors. I am currently using Kokam 3S1P 1500mah LiPo packs. Both of the camera mounts are my own design and are made from aluminum angle and roof flashing. The front facing camera is used for video and the camera looks between the gear legs. The side facing camera is for still photos and uses a Prism Switch.

The plane used for video is currently rigged for downlink and I am using a Black Widow 600mw 2.4ghz unit with a Diversity Receiver. I have rarely found a job that I could not do with the Slow Sticks and have taken over 11,000 photographs and countless videos in the past four years.

The video included here was taken on 30 Apr 2007 in my neighborhood in North Central Florida. There is some haze present which is actually smoke from a wildfire in Waycross Georgia. The wind is kicking up a little and is causing mechanical turbulence on take-off and landing. The bumpiness was still present at 100 ft altitude and smoothed out at 200 ft. Near the end of the video, as I am landing, there is an older gentleman, out for his evening stroll, who thinks I may run into him. I went around and then almost run out of battery. At first I thought I may land on a tiled roof and then I got little shots of power that got me home. This video was shot with my old faithful Pentax Optio S6. Please right click and "save as" to your computer.

Video 30 Apr 2007 (35mb)

Recent activity:

SS Hummer in FPV dress.

The SS Hummer, four years plus of industrial strength commercial flying and still going strong. For the majority of my jobs this platform cannot be replaced.


Flying the Slow Stick FPV at our local country club. I was flying on a buddy box with a fully qualified pilot on the other transmitter with his finger holding the trainer switch, and, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. These are selected clips from one continuous 10 minute flight.

SS FPV Flight (38.5 MB)





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